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So, DC trip rehash! J and I drove up to DC on Friday, where the horrors of driving late at night (we didn't get in until 1:00 AM, which is manifestly Past My Bedtime) where mitigated by discovering the wonders of cruise control. Seriously, cruise control is kind of like magic. It doesn't entirely make driving long distances not suck, but it helps. The drive also involved both of us being terrified of a silhouette of a church at about midnight. In our defense, it was a terrifying church and it was entirely possible that the church was actually Godzilla in disguise. Or some sort of giant jet plane, maybe. At some point along the way when we stopped for gas, I discovered that I'd been one of 35 people awarded the grant I applied for this summer, so that was fantastic. I'm getting paid for my work! I feel like a real scientist now!

Yesterday we finally awoke after attempting to recharge and wandered off to Old Town, where we found all the interesting shops. I think my favorite was a tea-and-spices shop where we were encouraged to smell everything, which meant that we wandered around for half an hour sticking our noses in jars of tea and spices. (I found the tea was usually but not always likely to smell better for me, and towards the end J had a nasty experience with powdered Worchester getting up her nose. My attempt to investigate the powdered spinach went considerably better.) Still, it had to compete pretty heavily with the little used bookshop we found which had hands down the best selection of used books I've ever seen. We both wandered out with armfuls of books after that one!

Then there came socializing with family all day, which was fun up until I realized I was completely exhausted and had to go hide with J down in the basement, where we're staying. And now we're off to go really sightseeing today....


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