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Why are there so many interesting things out there? I swear, if I had unlimited money and time, I could be majoring in about eight different things. Or at least reading a lot more than I am.

Makes it really hard to concentrate on the less-fascinating aspects of my majors, I can tell you that.
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Because of a parental screw-up, my plans for Spring Break to go down to Florida with some friends and hang out on the beach got disrupted early this year. And I did a lot of bitter angsting about that, because my other option was to go home and stare at the four walls of my parents' home while my siblings went to school and my parents went to work, because my collegiate break doesn't coincide with the K12 one. So I sucked it up and decided to make the best of it, and I was planning to spend most of my break making myself get out of the house and go to Atlanta's museums, because I am a dork that way and at least that would prevent me from brooding and being bitter and resentful towards my parents. That would suck and only result in unpleasant fighting for everyone.

So I related these plans to my mother, who is normally pretty awesome, and she goes "well, if you're interested in museums, why don't you go visit your grandmother in DC for the week? I know she'd love to see you again." And I thought, "why did I not think of this?" because my grandmother is generally really cool and interesting and also she worked in the Pentagon for ages, so she has some excellent stories to tell. So my mother called my grandmother to ask if anything was going on and whether she'd be in the country that week, and as it happens she is and would love to have me!

SO I AM GOING TO WASHINGTON DC FOR BREAK. Eeeeeeeee! I'll get to see my extended family and potter around the Museum of Natural Science and the other cool museums in the Capitol, because for nerdy museum pottering there is no city like DC in the world, and generally hang out in the area I grew up in and lived in until I was eleven. And I just had my sucky angsty spring break plans transmuted into something I'm genuinely excited about and which I think is really awesome, and there is no better feeling than that!

Today has also been an awesome day in that I signed my apartment lease with A, so I am guaranteed Olivery goodness (and possibly a training project next year), and also I have Thin Mint cookies, and also I got an email back from Dr. D, whose lab I would like very much to work in, and whom I have an appointment to meet with on Tuesday. Oh my god, today has contained SO MUCH JOY. And pad thai, which makes it all EVEN BETTER. HOMG HOMG HOMG JOY EXPLOSION.
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And lo! for she quoth, today hath been a most shitty day, and woe unto me, for I am tired unto exhaustion, and my uterus feeleth as though it hath been punching me in the kidneys. And then cameth the realization that no biochemistry work had been done, yea verily, and the upcoming test threatens to smite the unprepared most unpleasantly.

On the other hand, today was made better by the realization that I can totally write little coded diatribes to myself in proteins. And my own name, if I don't mind pretending the last letter has a Q in it instead of an O. If only I could think of a substitute for B, I would be golden. I wonder if there's a little font for it? That would make my day, it would. 
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So today I got my entire political science class to sing the theme song of Captain Planet to Dr. M. And it was glorious.

Specifically, Dr. M was asking us to give a good opposite political position from environmentalism. After all, it's not like anyone actually goes about the place polluting for the lovely feeling that chucking pollutant byproducts into the ground gives you, right?

So my wise-ass response went "...Captain Planet villain?" And then Dr. M revealed that he had no idea what Captain Planet was, and then of course my entire class saw fit to rectify this upsetting state of events by shouting for a bit and then singing the theme song at him. So much joy. And then after class he stopped me and asked whether it was actually any good (my memories suggest that it is beautifully cheesy), then promised to actually check it out. I rather doubt that's going to happen, but if it actually does I am agog to hear the results. Maybe I'll even wear my Roman Captain Planet knockoff T-shirt on Wednesday.

In other news, am watching the Big Bang Theory again. I must say, watching Sheldon and Leonard play demented ball-pit Whack-a-Mole is kind of making my night, despite the crampy pain and the headache which have been plaguing me all day. 


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