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Biochemistry final done! Hooray!

So I have been watching Bones, because I don't want to study for my Physics final tomorrow evening and my Poli Sci paper is done and J and C swore up and down that I would like it. And yeah, I rather do, even if there are a few things that irk me. (The pilot did not win me over by saying that an embryo sufficiently early along for the mother not to have been showing to anyone would have had fully-developed inner ear bones, nor the idea that someone who is theoretically an expert on the human skeleton could mistake the highly distinctive little bones, even in "fetal form" for frog bones. But that's me being cranky that Hollywood is wrong, and given that I had this lecture from a real forensic anthropologist last month, I'm willing to deal with that.) 

...but yeah. I do rather like it so far. Also, Booth is kind of an asshole.
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Criminal Minds episode tonight! And may I say the unsub tonight looks especially creepy--big, scary, toothy grin.

This one did a really good job of hitting me in a lot of places where I live--the Catholic church, the outdoor market, the widow who could have been my aunt. The children. Lot of things which reminded me of being little, weirdly enough, even if the actual narrative didn't do anything like that.

Also, lying about that last victim being alive to catch the unsub? Ouch, Rossi. Not a nice thing to think of.
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So today I got my entire political science class to sing the theme song of Captain Planet to Dr. M. And it was glorious.

Specifically, Dr. M was asking us to give a good opposite political position from environmentalism. After all, it's not like anyone actually goes about the place polluting for the lovely feeling that chucking pollutant byproducts into the ground gives you, right?

So my wise-ass response went "...Captain Planet villain?" And then Dr. M revealed that he had no idea what Captain Planet was, and then of course my entire class saw fit to rectify this upsetting state of events by shouting for a bit and then singing the theme song at him. So much joy. And then after class he stopped me and asked whether it was actually any good (my memories suggest that it is beautifully cheesy), then promised to actually check it out. I rather doubt that's going to happen, but if it actually does I am agog to hear the results. Maybe I'll even wear my Roman Captain Planet knockoff T-shirt on Wednesday.

In other news, am watching the Big Bang Theory again. I must say, watching Sheldon and Leonard play demented ball-pit Whack-a-Mole is kind of making my night, despite the crampy pain and the headache which have been plaguing me all day. 


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