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...mostly because I honestly have been exhausted. I've alluded to having a finite level of energy to communicate before and I've been using it up almost entirely on meatspace stuff lately. This is my first weekend of down time in two weeks and I have been savoring it.

Cut for rambling about what I've actually been up to )

Yeaaaaah. I have no idea when I'm going to have the energy to start blogging again regularly, unfortunately. I have a bunch of topics I want to say things about, but I just have so little energy to say anything with that I've mostly been lurking in the background and hiding from just about everything.
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So I went home early yesterday, ostensibly so I could work today.

...of course I got almost nothing done. This upcoming week is going to be hellish.
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Writing actual blog posts tends to come down to a mixture of ranting, panic, laziness, and a touch of frantic editing at the end to make sure I haven't forgotten and left paragraphs wanting actual finished sentences at the end. And then angsting about particular paragraphs to make sure they aren't either exposing my soft vulnerable underbelly or too anxiety-inducing to publish. And angsting for most of the week, and then finally actually posting in a fit of irritated crankiness at some point late in the night, where sleepiness overrides my essential waffling tendencies.

I don't mean writing here; writing here is basically babbling about what went on during the day and maybe whining just a little bit about the more obnoxious aspects thereof. More about writing over at WFX. (It's not so much my writing process on forums, either, even when I'm writing enormous 1000-word posts of the same general length as a blog post. I think it's mostly that writing on forums is basically a response for me to someone else, not a self-contained piece on its own.)

It's rather like my process for writing class essays, in fact, except that I'm usually considerably more interested in what I'm talking about when I'm blogging. Huh.
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Why are there so many interesting things out there? I swear, if I had unlimited money and time, I could be majoring in about eight different things. Or at least reading a lot more than I am.

Makes it really hard to concentrate on the less-fascinating aspects of my majors, I can tell you that.
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 I have no deep thoughts at the moment. All my life is consumed by work and classes and I have a test tomorrow and I CANNOT FOCUS on anything except the dog. (And reading analyses of Huge, which I totally need to catch up on. I keep meaning to read the novel, as well, because I love the TV show so much.) I just noticed that I keep forgetting Poppy when I do run-downs of Official Ace Characters in Media in my head, probably because she doesn't fit the Alien Inhuman Man aromantic stereotypes at all, which I love about her. Gotta stop doing that. Why is it anyway that most of the official ace characters have been male? Is it because of the stereotypes relating to male interest in sex? Must chew on that.

This morning's walk involved a box turtle, which Mighty Hunter Oliver totally failed to notice but which was ADORABLE. The evening walk included a chance meeting with another neighborhood dog, which involved... less barking, anyway, and very happy body language from the other dog, so I am counting it a win.

One of the things I notice about Oliver is that he is totally gung-ho about meeting other dogs and gets very anxious and insistent upon doing so if prevented from approaching--but then once he's up close and sniffing them, he has absolutely no interest in the new dog past initial contact. At the park he mostly wanders around sniffing things or solicits petting from the other humans. (I take him anyway because he seems to enjoy it, but sometimes I think he'd be just as happy if there were no other dogs there, or if they magically vanished once their interesting smells were gone.) 

I also collected 84 virgins today. Tomorrow I get to set up an absurd amount of crosses for work. Go me. 
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Biochemistry final done! Hooray!

So I have been watching Bones, because I don't want to study for my Physics final tomorrow evening and my Poli Sci paper is done and J and C swore up and down that I would like it. And yeah, I rather do, even if there are a few things that irk me. (The pilot did not win me over by saying that an embryo sufficiently early along for the mother not to have been showing to anyone would have had fully-developed inner ear bones, nor the idea that someone who is theoretically an expert on the human skeleton could mistake the highly distinctive little bones, even in "fetal form" for frog bones. But that's me being cranky that Hollywood is wrong, and given that I had this lecture from a real forensic anthropologist last month, I'm willing to deal with that.) 

...but yeah. I do rather like it so far. Also, Booth is kind of an asshole.
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Finals are coming up and I have no focus power at all. Excellent. (Today was spent meditating on Discworld and meditating on the Kentucky Derby, for the most part. I completely failed to pick the winner, as per usual, although my first pick, Ice Box, came in second.) 

Maybe I can get that last paper written tonight. Or bits of it, at any rate. Fat chance, but I'll feel better if I get something done. The end of the year is coming on so quickly!
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Today has been the laziest day ever. And by lazy, I mean "have taking roughly eight hours to complete laundry." (It's still downstairs. I can't wait until I have a machine of my very own to play with.) I bought a Young Dubliners CD, re-read The Merlin Conspiracy for the nineteenth time, and pretended very hard to study for Biochemistry. I even went to the SLC and everything!

Also, there should be some sort of rule about wanting food when you're full, dammit. It is like my brain is going "You know what would be excellent? Peanut butter sandwiches washed down with a massive chocolate chip muffin!" and my stomach is giving the rest of me horrified signals that it is full, you crazy brain, and there is no more room. And I still want the damn muffin, even though there is approximately zero chance of me getting one in the next 24 hours. 


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