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I think I am hacking up a lung, here. Seriously, cough, whatever you are, please go away soon. I'm running out of DayQuil and I keep sleeping past my alarm clock and I am getting no work done.

On top of the rest of it, I have nothing to do now at work but put out my final paper for the semester and write that grant proposal. Which at least requires no hand-eye coordination, so when I collapse into coughing fits that leave me doubled over and miserable I haven't actually destroyed anything. Still, they are not nearly as fun as collecting data.

Also, if I never see another mug of chamomile tea with honey in it, it will be too soon. At least I'm finally making a dent in that supply of chamomile my mother gave me way back in 2008.
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Oh my god, snowpocalypse. Well, for Georgia anyway, which in reality means we have something like one to three inches of snow coming. The entire university has already closed down, and I'm just glad I don't need to join the traditional Run On Grocery Stores For Milk and Eggs, since the dining halls are still sort of open. I do hope they have paper cups again, though. As for me, I'm hiding inside like the inner Grinch I am, plus avoiding my Physics homework. And the massive hardcore studying for Biochemistry I need to do. Oh, and the paper for Poli Sci due Monday. Oh, weekend. Such joy you promise. 

In other news, Dr. Physics actually managed to be mildly entertaining by attempting to tell us something about force-fields while telling us about the Enterprise being attacked by Klingons. He also managed to not notice the group of guys directly in front of me flinging paper airplanes around. Like children. I wonder why I go to that class, sometimes.

Recently overheard in my dorm, devoid of other context: "So he's like a redneck in space, then?" God, I love this hall. I'm going to miss the random weird-ass conversations my dormmates have when I move out.

Now, to tackle Physics. And then, Hot Fuzz! Peggtastic goodness, here I come!


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