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Well. I did wake up and say to myself, "Sci, this is going to be a long fucking day." Wasn't expecting it to be this long, though.

Okay, so I did get my Statistics lab off. (At least, I hope so--it's entirely possible that all six other people were wrong when they said we had it off today.) But the actual lecture went on twice as long as usual. And then the Biochemistry test appeared to be some sort of insane vicious exam from hell--I don't know whether I passed or failed, but I'm not optimistic about it. All of that I expected.

What I did not expect, though, was staggering out of my Biochem test, feeling unwontedly nauseous, and then running straight into Dr. P at the bus stop. And having to make conversation. Why do authority figures always pop up and ask you about your day when you're failing tests, anyway? It isn't as if I could say "I totally believe I just failed it! :D" So I sort of waffled a bit at him and tried not to look too mush-brained, then grabbed the first bus that comes along.

Then, of course, after hauling myself all the way up to the sixth floor on the Elevator Of Crippling Slowness, I trot up to Dr. C's office for my Very Important Meeting about what the hell I'm doing this semester. No response. Okay, I tell myself, I am Bold Sciatrix. I can handle this. So I attempt to twist the handle and invite myself in to see him for my Very Important Meeting. Of course, the door is locked. Cue moment of total despair, because I have no energy left. Then I spot W, one of the lab's graduate students, coming down the corridor. Excellent, I think, W will totally tell me where Dr. C is so I can have my Very Important Meeting! Except W tells me she thinks that Dr. C hasn't come in at all today, and do I need to see him right now? Cue headdesking as I attempt to check my email to see whether Dr. C has sent me an email offering to reschedule (he hadn't), and then G says he thought he saw Dr. C earlier today. At least I got one of my awesome "you know, your work is pretty attractive to most profs and don't sell yourself short" talks from G. I've missed those.

So... yeah. I gave up after a bit, hauled myself home, trying not to scream out of frustration, and washed my dishes out of spite. (I believe in getting usefulness out of my stress-rage response.) New plan is to finish my jasmine tea, go down and bitch at L for a little while, and then come back and finish rereading Night Watch until I feel better. Hope it works.


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