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The Carnival of Aces round-up went up today! I am actually feeling really, really guilty about not writing an entry for this carnival; I even had a vague topic worked out, and then my personal life went to hell right before I had to move and I completely ran out of energy to write anything. Anyway, writing about relationships right then would have been a) too painful and b) too vulnerable-feeling for me to do. It's still too raw, although I do have a half-finished piece waiting for when I can handle things again.

Also, no one wants to read my equivalent of a mixture of bitter, angry ranting and panicky, ice-cream-eating angsting, which is what the piece I started would have turned into that week.

I'm doing a lot better on that front, though. And I thiiiiiink I'm ready to start blogging more regularly again, although I'm not sure whether I'll actually get anything up this weekend because [personal profile] nami_roland is coming to visit and I am SO EXCITED OMG and may be too distracted to actually finish writing. Hm. I have got to think of more interesting things to do besides movies.

Also the new Carnival of Aces topic is literature and media representation and therefore just as awesome, so hopefully I won't skip this one. Er.

I'm debating putting the rant I did on Tumblr onto my main blog this week for archival purposes--thoughts? It's definitely a more substantial piece than most of what I've written on Tumblr.


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