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Ahahahahaha I finally know where I'm living and what I'm doing for the summer! STRESS RELIEVED. Well, okay, it probably won't go away until I'm safely ensconced in whatever room in the summer dorm I'm living in that they give me, but at least I know where I'm going and (mostly) what I'm doing. AND I have a really good excuse to take that Psychology of Women course with Dr. W, even if it doesn't really fit with my schedule working for Dr. D. I'm probably going to come out to Dr. W sometime either this semester or next fall when I take Human Sexuality with her. I got very, very good vibes when I took a psych research class with her last fall, and I'm excited to have her again. Plus Psych of Women sounds like the most amazingly fascinating class ever, and commuting for a week will almost be worth it for the awesomeness. (Four days, even!) 

Also, my parents brought me fruit and knockoff Thin Mints and a WHOLE LOAF OF SOURDOUGH. Nom nom nom. This almost makes up for all the times they drive me completely batshit crazy. I shall devour the Sourdough Sunday, since A has run out of food money and L and C have gone home.

Now if I can just survive the next three weeks without going insane and spontaneously exploding, it'll all be good. Then I can establish a routine and a habit and then that will be disrupted in a couple of months, then I get two weeks off and DON'T HAVE TO MOVE FOR TWO YEARS. I can't express how joyful that makes me. I can just stay here and work and pay my rent, and it will be lovely. I'm so excited.
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Ahahaha. Yesterday I realized that, amazingly enough, taking an internship where I would be housed with three other students in a host family's home across the country and expected to work eighty-hour weeks selling textbooks would be a very bad idea for me. It's funny how easy it is to get swept up in these kinds of things--especially when I know that I get overstressed and miserable. I suspect I would become overwrought and miserable very quickly in that situation, and I think that a freaked-out cranky Sciatrix would have a hard time selling a product to families. I'm good at being service-oriented and enjoying work, but not when continually dealing with strangers.

I suppose I'm just worried about figuring out what I'm doing for the summer. L and C are going to Italy and I would have applied too, but it conflicted with my REUs. And now two have rejected me, and the third is taking forever and ever and I'm trying not to obsess about it but this is worse than college rejection letters. I want certainty, dammit. I want stability and steady work and I love my classes but the essentially shiftlessness of college life sucks massively.

It's April now and I still don't know what's going on. Next week this time it will have been two months since the last REU's due date. I suppose no news is good news, but it doesn't feel that way. I would almost rather be rejected and take a little time off in May, then come back and work in CollegeTown for the rest of the weekend. At least I could sublease a place and maybe bring the puppy up. Or get a cat. Yay anxiety cycles.


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