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It was a pretty quiet crowd this time, honestly. I think it was noteworthy for being the only panel so far with two people standing for one identity (both my copanelists IDed as gay) and also no trans* representation. Most of the questions were pretty standard, although after the obligatory religion question I did have someone ask me if my parents had thought about encouraging me to be a nun. This is... really hilarious given my distinct tendency to turn into a waspish atheist when poked with the religion stick. My parents can be pretty emotionally obtuse but they're not actually stupid.

I also had someone ask me something along the lines of "Asexuality must be really, really rare--there aren't very many of you, right? So do you get hostility from gay people, too?" which felt pretty pointed given recent events. For that one I said roughly "yes, in some circumstances, gay-friendly =/= asexual friendly" and then emphasized very heavily that Lambda has been an actual safe space for me.

Also, I have hit myself in the head on inanimate objects four times today and yesterday I got a flat tire for the first time (now fixed!) and I would just like this week to be over now, please. Aaaaagh.

...but I did get a ridiculously cool mutant in my fly stocks which I am attempting to create its own stock of, anyway, so that will be an interesting side project. It had one extremely tiny eye with a ton of little eye-like blobby growths on that side of its head, which I thought was fascinating. My mentor says I should name it strawberry if I can get it to culture.


Sep. 14th, 2011 08:08 am
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So Drs. Rosemary and Peter Grant are coming to speak at my university tonight.

They are the people who did the Galapagos finch work on the adaptation of finch beak sizes to specific climate changes causing changes in the local seed populations, which is simultaneously REALLY REALLY INTERESTING and also some of the most influential work demonstrating natural selection in action. Which is VERY VERY COOL.

Going to engage in all the evolutionary biology hero worship tonight~

Also, in about an hour I should be finishing up my experiment almost completely and finishing collection of the main data on it. Which is amazing and wonderful and also slightly scary--what on earth will I be doing without actual crosses to make?

...oh, right, writing my thesis up. THESIS DEATHMARCH 2011 IS GO!


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