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"Dumbledore is ace/aro. Discuss."

Yeah, this is all Jessee's fault. The conversation turned to Dumbledore as a source of gay/queer representation on Crone Island last week, and they pinged me when they moved the conversation to a new channel with that particular summary. They were pretty accurate when they said I would have some thoughts on the topic.

Here's most of what I had to say. I started with discussing Dumbledore as gay representation, transitioned into discussing representation of marginalized groups in fiction more generally, and wound up talking generally about ace character portrayal in mainstream fiction. )
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Writing actual blog posts tends to come down to a mixture of ranting, panic, laziness, and a touch of frantic editing at the end to make sure I haven't forgotten and left paragraphs wanting actual finished sentences at the end. And then angsting about particular paragraphs to make sure they aren't either exposing my soft vulnerable underbelly or too anxiety-inducing to publish. And angsting for most of the week, and then finally actually posting in a fit of irritated crankiness at some point late in the night, where sleepiness overrides my essential waffling tendencies.

I don't mean writing here; writing here is basically babbling about what went on during the day and maybe whining just a little bit about the more obnoxious aspects thereof. More about writing over at WFX. (It's not so much my writing process on forums, either, even when I'm writing enormous 1000-word posts of the same general length as a blog post. I think it's mostly that writing on forums is basically a response for me to someone else, not a self-contained piece on its own.)

It's rather like my process for writing class essays, in fact, except that I'm usually considerably more interested in what I'm talking about when I'm blogging. Huh.


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