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Memes! I like memes, they are nonthreatening! Also, this will give me a break from packing, which I sorely need—apparently breaking up with most of your social circle when your two remaining friends in the area are out of town right before you move is a bad plan, who knew? So I’ve been trying to get everything squared away myself today and I am tired, and then I wrote up all my answers and my computer ate it and auuugh. Here’s writing again!
Meme borrowed, incidentally, from Ace Eccentric.
username: [personal profile] sciatrix
What you can call me: Sciatrix works, or some people shorten that to Sci. Whichever.
My default icon explained: It's a thumbnail of this weird-looking Escher dragon (surprisingly, not a tessellation!). I picked it up on the old Godawful Fan Fiction forums sometime in 2006 or 2007 and have been using it more or less all the time ever since.
Sexuality: Asexual--that bit's easy. My affectional orientation is a confused morass of weirdness--I have been known to describe it both as "wtfromantic" and "whatever [personal profile] kaz and SlightlyMetaphysical are"--and anyway it often feels like a question that's not really useful at getting at what I actually am.
Gender: Female.
Preferred pronouns: She/her/her, please.
Other platforms I'm on: I can be found at Wordpress, Tumblr, and Ravelry.
Favorite books: Too many to count--usually I'm the sort of person who reacts to this question by listing authors, but right now all my books are in boxes and I am so not digging through them. I like Eric Flint's Mother of Demons and basically everything Terry Pratchett has ever touched (Nation and Good Omens and Small Gods being my favorites) and a whole bunch of other stuff.
Favorite movies: Erm. Hot Fuzz, possibly? I am not really a movie person.
Favorite TV shows: Oddly enough, Forensic Files, because I find it very, very soothing.
Favorite songs: Er. I’m fond of most things by Frank Turner and by Vienna Teng? I particularly like Turner’s “I Still Believe”.
Languages I know: Mostly English. I took Latin for four years and remember most of the grammar but not much vocabulary at all, and I have a tiny smattering of Mandarin left over from the two classes of it I took my freshman year.
Occupation: I’m a student. Specifically, I’m going into my senior year of college. I’ll graduate with degrees in Genetics and Psychology, and then hopefully I’m going to graduate school. I’m gearing up to start applying for that now.
I also have another job, which I tend to refer to as “work” although I technically don’t get paid for it (well, except this summer, but that’s because I got a grant). I get course credit instead. I work in a population genetics lab, where I have my own experiment which will eventually become my undergraduate thesis sometime next year when I finish writing it. I love my experiment and have actually gotten pretty good at explaining it to people outside my field, which is an achievement on its own. My job is also an endless source of ace jokes because I work on sexual selection.
Location: I currently live in Georgia—the American one, not the European one.
Pets: I have one dog. He’s an easygoing, extremely weird seven-year-old terrier/Corgi cross called Oliver, or sometimes Dog Oliver. When my family adopted him when I was fifteen, I wanted to call him Gaspode after the Discworld character, since he is sort of brownish-greyish-blackish with no discernable main color and at the time was riddled with skin diseases and sores of questionable provenence, but I was voted down on the basis that it was an ugly name and no one else in my family had ever read a Discworld book. He’s theoretically named after Oliver Twist instead.
Favorite food: Thin Mints ice cream—you know, the limited edition version they only sell in the spring. I go a bit obsessive trying to eat as much as of it as possible before they take it away again some years.
A long-term goal: Move to the UK without sacrificing my career goals. Also, get a PhD.
A short-term goal: Survive the next month. I’m moving tomorrow and I have a ridiculous amount of stuff to get done by the time my classes start up again on the fifteenth. And, well, thesis!
My superpower would be: I’ve always liked the idea of shapeshifting because it seems pretty versatile. In terms of superpowers I can semi-jokingly claim to have, I read extremely quickly and am very, very good at analysis. Possibly that could be exaggerated into a real superpower.
Favorite animals: Dogs, always dogs. One thing about me that bears mentioning—I have been focused on dogs to a fairly unusual degree since, as far as I know, I learned to crawl. Possibly earlier. This is probably an autistic thing. In terms of favorite breeds, I tend to like terriers. I grew up with Jack Russell Terriers and consequently secretly believe that real dogs are small, terrifyingly self-confident, extremely intelligent animals with a wicked sense of humor. I’m therefore often confused when I encounter stereotypes of dogs as great big slavishly obedient galumphing beasts without much in the way of a mind of their own.
I am also fond of badgers.
Hobbies: I want very, very badly to do agility with a future dog, since Oliver has some physical issues that make jumping a bad idea for him. He and I are going to be doing Rally Obedience in the fall, and teaching him weird tricks is more broadly one of my hobbies. I have also taken up knitting recently (read: it has utterly consumed me) and I read a whole lot.
How I would describe my personality: Ooh, tricky. “Utter and total nerd” ought to come into it at some point—I have as I type this just packed a mug I made which has my real name written on it in the form of a peptide chain—as should a reference to my frequently weird sense of humor. I’m a very strong introvert with the ability to fake extroversion, but I have to pay for that later so I save it up for special occasions. I am obsessive and have nasty workaholic tendencies and also I really, really like weird random facts and sharing them with people.


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