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...mostly because I honestly have been exhausted. I've alluded to having a finite level of energy to communicate before and I've been using it up almost entirely on meatspace stuff lately. This is my first weekend of down time in two weeks and I have been savoring it.

Seriously, if anyone knows much about cognitive neuroscience, specifically the ins and outs of fMRI, I would be greatly obliged to know about basic 101 resources? My Psych senior seminar is basically "Sci is thrown into the deep end of a graduate-level course in a specialty largely alien to hers and has to claw through terrifyingly boring papers in an effort not to fail at everything academic," and it's been a huuuuuge energy suck. At least I am no longer actively failing at everything my professor asks me to do.

Seriously, I have an average of nine papers and a chapter summary to read every week and then summarize two or three of those. It's doable--just--but augh so much classwork!

Dragon*Con was awesome, incidentally! I have a ton of photos, which is unusual for me--usually I remember to carry the camera around but completely forget to take any photos with it. This is because my friend P and her boyfriend went with me and I delegated the photo-taking duties to her. SO THERE ARE PICTURES. I am pleased by this. Also, very few of them are actually of me, which I am also pleased by. I do not photograph well.

(There was a panel on "Alternative Sexualities in YA Lit" I went to while I was there, in which I won a copy of Liar Liar by Justine Larbalestier. Asexuality came up as a question, but none of the panelists seemed to have much to say about it beyond recommending Guardian of the Dead and then someone confused it with being intersex. Sigh. Otherwise it seemed pretty good, though, if rather centered on gay issues and eliding trans and bisexual representation a bit.)

I joined my campus queer group and there is another ace there, which is awesome! Eventually I want to write about my Feelings On That, but for right now I am limiting myself to squeeing quietly. I've been going to meetings with the group about twice a week and have signed up to be trained to speak on panels, which is exciting. If nothing else, it's kickstarting my meatspace social life, which is good for me since I sort of jettisoned my entire existing social circle over the summer.

My birthday is coming up and I am attempting to construct the Periodic Table out of cupcakes, which is going to require a massive amount of baking but will hopefully be so worth it. My plan is to foist cupcakes on more or less anyone who holds still long enough, and then possibly split them between my and my roommates' respective jobs.

And then on top of all of this I've been trying to wrap up my experiment completely, which is fairly amazing because I've been working on this project since July 2010 and I'm not actually sure what life without it will be like. Well, I sort of am--I'm writing my undergraduate thesis this semester and that should feature prominently in my life--but part of me still suspects that one of the manipulations I finished recently will fail miserably and I will have to repeat it or something. Anyway, I finish running the experiment entirely on Wednesday, and then I get to work on writing up all of my data and considering whether I want to present at the local population genetics and ecology conference or whether I plan to take the cowardly route and avoid the whole thing entirely. DECISIONS. (Well, I'll probably go to it either way--the presentations were so interesting last year! It's the presenting I can't make up my mind about.)

Oh god, and I haven't even started my graduate applications or networking to get into graduate programs. Um. Anyone with experience constructing personal statements out there?

Yeaaaaah. I have no idea when I'm going to have the energy to start blogging again regularly, unfortunately. I have a bunch of topics I want to say things about, but I just have so little energy to say anything with that I've mostly been lurking in the background and hiding from just about everything.

Date: 2011-09-11 07:13 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] aceeccentric
I had to write a couple personal statements last year (I only ended up writing two because as soon as I got a Spring acceptance I stopped working on the Fall-due applications). One of the schools provided specific questions I had to answer... I don't think the other did, but I ended up just cutting down and editing my first essay for that school. I gave my professional and academic background, told them why my personal background motivated me to want to be in the field... I didn't have a conclusion paragraph, but ymmv. I think that possibly the Career Center will read over personal statements for you.

Date: 2011-09-13 12:19 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] greenchestnuts
Oh god, and I haven't even started my graduate applications or networking to get into graduate programs. Um. Anyone with experience constructing personal statements out there?
Yes. It's about telling your story-- how you got to where you are in your field, where you want to go from there, and why.

I can't think of anything else than that to say atm, but going back into my grad school apps folder is giving me the shivers even though I got in places...

Date: 2011-09-13 11:40 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] greenchestnuts
Personal statements tend to be pretty short-- a few pages at most, at least for mine. So you can go through several drafts in a relatively short period of time. If it's overwhelming, just try to take it a paragraph at a time, or a chapter of the story at a time.


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